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Greetings welcome to the forum!Basically this is a forum where we can all get together and discuss our abilities and spiritual topics and plenty more.Its a forum where we don't judge but accept you for who you are.We are always looking forward for people who are open minded!So come join the family!

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 Healing someone else chakra technique!

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Healing someone else chakra technique! _
PostSubject: Healing someone else chakra technique!   Healing someone else chakra technique! I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 1:05 am

Healing someone else chakra technique! Chakras_11_08_11983220

Have you ever tried healing someone else chakras?

Technique that I use

  • Please make sure that you are in a place that is quiet....somewhere where your deep concentration won't be disturbed.

Vision yourself at a peaceful meadow...vision the person that you are healing (healing their chakras) laying down.....at the meadow.

Visions yourself putting your hands over the spot where each chakra is suppose to be.....

  • I recommened for you to start from the crown chakra!

see yourself taking out all the negative energy...
after you have done this for a couple of minutes vision white light coming out of your hands and into the persons chakra.Vision the person chakra lighting up in light.
Then make your way down using the same procedure.

After you have done this to each chakra....vision yourself pouring energy all over the person body.Vision all the negative energy leaving their body....and positive energy entering their body.

The technique that I use is very simple but very useful....I use it every time when I am healing another persons chakras!
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Healing someone else chakra technique!

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